Debbi Sturch ~ Exceeds Expectations

Ernie and I are both very satisfied with the services provided over the past several years by our favorite travel agent, Debbi – the Vacation Diva, and Firstworld Travel. Debbi has set up most of the most memorable vacations we’ve taken over the past 15 years. She consistently exceeds our expectations.

Larry Buchanan, August 2, 2012

Susan Johnson ~ Enthusiastic Expertise

Whether planning a romantic getaway with my husband, or a girl’s trip, I book all of my travel through Susan. Her enthusiastic personality and expertise have kept me coming back time and time again. She has helped me mold trips that have had so many memorable moments- that is something that money can’t pay for. Susan has even helped me acquire my lifelong dream of traveling to twelve countries outside of the US, and was just as excited for me as I was when I obtained that goal. Her fun-loving, and contagious attitude will keep you returning! With Susan, the planning process can be just as fun as the vacation. You know you’re in good hand when you can call your travel agent a friend!
Heather Nelson

Merrie Williams ~ Most Professional

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping us plan our vacation. I have to say with out question that you are one of the most professional people we have ever dealt with…and because of that professionalism we had a vacation of a life time. The tours that you helped us obtain and the suggestions that you made were outstanding. The Arno river boat tour was a perfect wrap up to our time in Florence. I know planning 28 days in Italy probably presented you with some significant challenges. Thank you for helping provide us with memories that we will cherish forever.

Dick and Lani Crandall

Dennis Hein ~ Highly Recommended

Dennis and his staff has guided us through our travel adventures for many years and has been responsive to our needs, easy to talk to, and always available when we needed him. In addition to our travel agent he’s earned the rank of friend. Highly recommended.

Ted and Carol Durler
San Diego, CA

Merrie Williams ~ Unique and Memorable

For many years, we have used Merrie’s services as a travel agent to plan several of our trips; from short, local excursions to extended journeys to foreign countries. Merrie has planned personalized trips as well as others booked through travel companies. All of the trips have been planned in detail, making our travel experiences unique and memorable.

Linda and John Yeager
September 4, 2012